About the hotel

What are the shared facilities in the building?
There is a pool, hammock garden, a rooftop and a cafe lounge.
Are there any age limits of using the pool?
All ages are welcome. Please feel free to contact the hotel with any problems or concerns you may have when taking your children.
Is it possible to take with wheelchairs?
It is possible to stay at the hotel, unfortunately it is not barrier-free. Please contact the hotel if you wish to use this service.
I am planning to stay for an anniversary, can the hotel provide flowers, cakes or etc.?
If you contact us earlier, we can prepare for your special day. Please contact us directly.
Are there any smoking areas in the building?
There is a smoking area next to the garden. All facilities are smoking prohibited besides the designated area.
Is it possible to smoke if it is electronic cigarettes?
Please use the designated smoking area next to the garden, even when you wish to smoke electronic cigarettes.
Is it possible to stay with my pets?
"Only assistance dogs (e.g., guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs, etc.) are allowed to accompany you.
If there is anything else we can do for you, please contact the hotel."

About guest rooms

What amenities and supplies are available in the guest rooms?
"Guestrooms are equipped with the following amenities and fixtures and facilities.

Bath towel, face towel, shampoo, conditioner and body soap.

Dryer, electronic pot, refrigerator and a washing machine."
Are there any room wears?
We currently have no room wear available.
Is there a bathroom?
All room types have a bathroom with a jacuzzi. The ocean view guest room can see the ocean view from the bathroom.
Can I see the ocean from the guest room?
The ocean view type room can see the ocean from the window, balcony and from the bathroom.
Are there any water in the guestroom? Also, can I get some ice as well?
There is a water purifier in the kitchen of the guest room. Ice can be made in the freezer in the guestroom.
Is there a barrier-free room?
There are no barrier-free rooms in the hotel.
Is there a DVD or Blu-ray player in the guestroom?
We do not have a DVD or Blu-ray player in your room.
Is there a connecting room?
No, we do not have a connecting room.

About hotel facilities

Is there a Wi-Fi?
All rooms have free Wi-Fi services.
Is there a laundry machine?
All guest rooms are installed with a laundry machine. There is also a laundry detergent.
Are there ATMs and foreign currency exchange machines in the hotel?
No, we do not have one. You can find them at the nearby convenience store (Lawson Kariyushi Beach Store).
Is there a public bath or a swimming pool?
No, we do not have any.
Are the toilets in the hotel equipped with a washlet?
All the toilets in the hotel are Western-style toilets with washlets.
Is there an ice machine in the hotel?
Ice can be made in the freezer in your room.
Is there anywhere that I can print my document?
No, we do not have one.

About Cafe Lounge

What time can I eat breakfast?
Breakfast is available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Until when can I use the cafe-lounge?
Cafe-lounge is available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Can I bring in the food or drink that I ordered at the cafe-lounge to the guest room?
Yes, you may bring them in.

About Check-in / check-out

Please tell me the check-in time and the check-out time.
The check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and the check-out time will be 10:00 a.m.
What time do I need to check-in?
Please check-in by 10:00 p.m.
Is it possible to ask for leaving the baggages before check-in and after check-out?
Yes, it is possible to take care of your luggage before check-in and after check-out at the front desk. You can leave your luggage with us until the day you leave.
Is it possible to use the common area in the facility even after the check-out?
Yes, regard using the common area is possible.

About payment / cancellation

When do I pay for my room?
Please make your payment in advance through the official website and various hotel reservation sites.
If I cancel my reservation, do I have to pay a cancellation fee?
"The following cancellation fees will be charged for cancellations after making a reservation.

(1)Except special seasons
・20% of all nights from 2 days prior
・From 6pm one day before.

In case of cancellation on the day or no-show, 100% of the total night's rent will be charged.

Please note that the rules and regulations may be different for other accommodation booking websites. Please be aware that the rules may differ depending on the accommodation booking site.
If you have any questions, please contact the hotel directly."

About reservation

Is it possible to wait for the cancellation of the reservation?
We do not accept reservations on the waiting list. Please contact the hotel at any time.
I made a reservation through the hotel reservation website, can I change or cancel it?
Please make changes or cancellations through your reservation website.
If I book more than one room, is it possible to reserve a room nearby?
"As possible as we could, we will try to match rooms in the vicinity.
They may not be adjacent to each other depending on your room type. Please note that it may not be adjacent to the hotel.
If you don't wish to be nearby, please contact the hotel after making a reservation."

About access

How do I get to the hotel from the Naha airport?
"For those coming by car
From Naha Airport, take the Okinawa Expressway, get off at the Yaka IC, turn right on Route 88 and head north on Route 58 (about 70 minutes).
By Bus
Take the Okinawa Bus Nago West Airport Route 120 from Naha Airport to Imube (120 minutes)."
Is there a pick-up service from the airport?
No, we don't.
Is there a parking lot?
There is a free parking lot at the hotel.

About other accommodations and services

Is it possible to send the luggage to the hotel initially?
"Please write your name and accommodation schedule on the delivery form and send it to the following address

2620 Nakama, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0401, Japan

Please allow plenty of time for delivery in Okinawa, as the weather conditions are very dependent on delivery.
The hotel is not responsible for any delivery delays caused by weather conditions."
Is it possible to send the luggage from the hotel?
Yes, it is possible from the front desk.
Is the front desk available 24 hours?
Yes, we are available 24 hours.
Is the 1st floor entrance 24 hours open?
Yes, the 1st floor entrance is 24 hours open.
Is it possible to call a taxi?
Please come to the front desk for inquiry.
Can I rent a car?
No, there is not a car renting service.
Do I pay an extra service fee besides the accommodation fee?
No, we do not fund any. The hotel service fee is already included in your accommodation fee.
Can I ask for a room service?
No,we do not take any room services.
Can I ask for a wakeup call?
No, we do not take any morning calls.
Is there a curfew?
No, we don't.
Is there a hospital?
We have a general hospital (emergency services available), pediatrics, ENT, dentistry, and ophthalmology.
Can we cook with the foods we brought in?
There is no problem for the guests to cook in the kitchen in the guest room.

About stay with children

What happens to the accommodation fee when staying with a child?
Preschool children stay for free; children under 11 years of age are charged at the children's room rate.
Is there a kids menu at the cafe?
We have a children's menu for your children to enjoy.
Do you have amenities for children?
Not available at this time. We are planning to expand the requests in the future.
Is there a kids room?
No, we don't have a kids room.
Can I rent baby goods?
Not available at this time. We are planning to expand the requests in the future.
Can the baby bottles be disinfected and sterilized?
Not available at this time. We are planning to expand the requests in the future.
Can I have boiled water for making milk?
Please use the kettle equipped in the room.
Is it possible to heat baby food?
Please use the microwave equipped in the room.